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Anniversary Poems
Anniversary Of Our Love


Everyday I woke to rain from within.

Knowing no rainbow would follow.

The sun had gone from my heart.

Leaving only dark clouds and pain.


Each night brought an eternity.

I would endure a forever of emptiness.

The stars had refused to shine.

The moon was in an eclipse.


Your first words brought my first smile.

Something I had forgot how to do.

Your first kiss gave me back my heart.
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Gave me feelings lost for so long.


There were so many questions I had.

As you showed the patience I needed.

Being afraid of tomorrow eventually faded.

When you promised to always hold my hand.


Today brings our anniversary of life.

A day we will spend together, as one.

Watching our moon greet the rising sun.

As we celebrate our love.


By Frank B. Holcomb


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