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Distance Love Poems
Breaking Distance Barriers


Are you feeling better?

Wish I was there with you.

There is something in the way,

Preventing me.

A wide expanse of ocean,

Separates me from you,

I have many ideas,

Distance to undo.


Couldn't afford a ticket,

To fly there on a jet,

We can't overlook,

The fears now, in the air.

Hot air balloon sounds like,

It could be the shot.

Seaworthy though,

In case it blows it's top.


A great ocean liner maybe?

Now that would do the trick.

They take so long,

May as well paddle a canoe.

Hey! That idea is brilliant,

I could work those muscles up,

Win at arm wrestling with you.


Don't think that I could absail,

All the way over there,

On a drifting log, is not the place to be.

Hey honey! Here's the answer,

I finally found the key!

If ya want me, get ya ass over here to me!


By Grannyrosie


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