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Kiss Poems
A Kiss For The Way


As we look eye to eye
I begin to cry

Not wanting to let you go
I will be missing you so

With tears down my face
I want to be in your place

How about one kiss for on the way
A kiss that will forever stay

Turning my head not wanting to look
Your mind reading me like a book

I slowly walk away holding on your hand
This is not what i had in plan

I turn to you one more time
And ask for a kiss to last a lifetime

You pull me to an embrace
With tears strolling down our face

You tell me you love me
And in your heart i will be

I want you forever in my life
Will you be my wife

The tears faded away to smiles
As for now it wont seem to be miles

As i ask for one more kiss for on the way
You whisper in my ear how about a kiss everyday

By Vannypooh


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