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Love Poems And Quotes
Quotes Of Love


Quotes of love, said so true,

Merely beginnings I pass to you.

A lil' Shakespeare within this heart,

Words to capture and never part.


'Doubt that the stars are fire

Doubt that the sun doth move

Doubt truth to be a liar

But never doubt, I love.'


Song of Solomon in words so right,

Blessed in love to be felt each night.


'Love is strong as death.

Many waters cannot quench love,

neither can the floods drown it;

if a man would give all

the substance of his house for love,

it would utterly be contemned.'


With Tennyson in all splender,

words of love find sweet surrender.
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'It is better to have loved and lost,

Than never to have loved at all'


Quotes of love from three poets so true,

Shakespeare, Song of Solomon and Tennyson...

I give them all three to you...


By Wanda Christian Stirewalt


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