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Love Poetry
Song of a Celtic Warrior


Kiss me fiercely, hold me tight,

Keep me warm throughout the night.

Comfort me ‘til morning’s first light,

For I might never return.


Please, my love, do not cry.

It is, indeed, an honor to die

On a battlefield beneath blue sky,

So I might never return.


I must help defend our land,

And you are such a handsome man.

Soon another maiden will have your hand,

As I might never return.
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Though you persist to protest,

Until we defeat them, I cannot rest.

My heart is beating through my chest,

For I might never return.


My love for you will always grow,

Though my corpse may be deep under earth, rock, and snow.

But soon I must say goodbye, for I know

That I might never return.


By Sara Lyons


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