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Lovers Poems
This Lovers Beach


Along this beach of love

we both need to understand

that we can not build our life like

castles here in the sand

it must have a strong foundation

built on faith and trust

for a deep and true commitment

is a definite must

we can not chase rainbows

but we must keep our hearts as one

and be ever mindful of our dreams

as each day is done

as we walk along this beach of love

we must surely realize

there will be rocky seas my dear

but don't let it take from

that sparkle in your eyes

and when the salty air

blows gray in your dark hair

let us be able to look back

and still find a smile there

and forever as we make our way

we must always look forward and never behind

good memories will last darling

as long as on this beach, your footprints are next to mine.


By Tom Atterberry


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