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Meaningful Silence


I'm lying here, mentally writing this poem.

And for once, I don't think you know

what is running through my mind.

We are so close,

I can feel your breathe on my shoulder,

and it makes me tingle.

Words have little meaning

- it is what is left unsaid

that means everything to me.

The intense chemistry between us as we lay here,

pulling us closer although we already touch.

The way your eyes turn downward slightly

when you stare into mine,

as we both scream of our love for each other,

yet still no noise.

The way your fingertips trace

a pattern on my back as you hold me,

and the way I know where you have been

because they leave a minute trail of fire.

The way the darkness surrounds us,

envelopes us completely.

The knowledge that at this moment of time,

in our lives, it is us against the world,

an impossible battle that I know

we can win because together we are

unbeatable, unstoppable, unbreakable.

Even individual thoughts melt into oblivion

as we share not only the air we breathe

but a body, a mind, a soul, a heart.

In this moment, we are us.

And as I part my lips at last,

breaking the enchanting spell

that this meaningful silence has bestowed upon us,

the knowledge that you know what

I am going to say already comforts me.

I love you.


By Katherine


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