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Romantic Love Poems
Romantic Surprises


He quietly sneaks up behind her
Putting his hands over her eyes
Shhhh... and no peeking, darling
Its time for your surprise

He slowly walks her down the hall
Gently lifting her, placing her on the bed
Tonight, its all yours, Princess
Time to spoil you
She can't see but hears each word he says

She hears the lighter strike
New scents flow through the room
Do you like that fragrance, sweety?
Don't worry, Ill let you see very soon

Though eyes are covered, she senses the dark
It's like the room is in a dim glow
She only hears his whispering voice now
Oh how she loves his sensual, romantic soul

He climbs upon the bed with her
Thank you darling for trusting in me
Now open your eyes, look around
Tell me, do you like what you see

She gasps, then sighs as she opens her eyes
Candles lit and placed throughout the room
And through the curtains, she sees a clear night
Bright shining stars and a beautiful full moon

Fragrance of roses float all around
And she notices petals surrounding the bed
Upon the pillow there is a note
A princess deserves it all
That is what the loving note says.

On the night stand there sits two glasses
A bottle of champagne and strawberries too
She turns to look at him so surprised
As he says, All of this, my princess
All of this is for only you.

For you my love, my heart throbs only for you
There is nothing I would not do
For you I share it all, I give to you
Whatever it is to make your heart soar

All of this and more
For you Princess, the stars I shall reach for...
And sprinkle the star dust in your hair...
To go with the glow in your eyes...

Your aura of everlasting light
That touches me so deep
For you my Princess
Romance shall never cease
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Candles glow, aromatic fragrances
Champagne and strawberries we share
Soft romantic music.
As we dance, ever so slowly

A bath I will draw, for you to relax
Mounds of bubbles to enhance
These feelings, you so deserve
Loving you I do and shall always

My Princess I will pamper
Your every wish... will be my desire
To fulfill from beginning to end
It is for you my love burns
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In passions deep my warm embrace
To hold you tenderly to my heart
O Princessmy darling love...
It is for you that I do

All that I can
From now and till the day

In my heart is you
My Princess

By Angelic Star and Soft Walker


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