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Romantic Poems
Because YOU were there


Last night I dreamed a dream

of fields and flowers and silvery streams,

the hills around were tinted blue

with bluebells, dock and heather too

and you were THERE.


All along the waters edge

ran a purple rosehip hedge.

the water tasted sweet like wine

but could not quench a thirst like mine.

and YOU were there.


And on the breeze a scent unknown

it was yours, my love, I am not alone.

my heart was filled with angelic songs

that lift the heart where it belongs

BECAUSE you were there.


Tonight I will dream of mountain slopes

and a journey we shall make together

and climb we will but not too high

and rest we shall amongst the heather.
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And we will tread over the sweet foothills

and there I will take your hand in mine

and wander till we have absorbed our fill

of Mother Natures beauty divine.


And again your arms will me embrace

and we two will briefly be as one

and your love will cause all our troubles erase

and we will rest beneath the fading sun.


By Billy Neeson and Syl Lukeman


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