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Sensual Poems
Kiss Of Love


I vision your sensual smile,
With your mouth slightly opened,
And your lips temptingly apart.
It stirs the desire of my heart,
As I imagine your mouth upon mine.

Our moist lips pressing together,
Our tongues in a passionate duel.
Embracing, drawing my body to you,
Your strong arms around my waist,
Eager seeking, longing, haste.

You pull me to you clinging tightly.
Our bodies passionately becoming one,
Heated like the blazing dessert sun.
You rise over me looking into my eyes,
Thrusting as you penetrate my soft world.

You see my desire and want.
You feel my bodies urgent need.
Make love to me I tenderly plead.
Hearing the hunger of my blissful sighs,.
Sharing an ecstasy neither one denies.

We begin the ritual dance of lovers,
Enthralled with kisses hot and longing.
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Kissing each breast with tender persuasion.
Speaking so softly, holding me near,
Breathlessly whispering your desire in my ear.

Visions exotic, sweet loving temptation,
Passion abounding, with great expectation.
Recklessly taunting, teasing, beguiling,
Soaring higher, hearts every beating,
Passions desire, two lovers are meeting.
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Pulsing sensations come swiftly with longing,
Throbbing, aching, breathlessly moaning,
Ecstasy's moment now coming quickly.
Wild abandon, waves come crashing,
Bodies aflame, pounding, thrashing.

Eager, alluring, intriguing, mysterious,
Suspended in time, the moment fleeting.
Passion expending, satisfied meeting,
Holding me closely, ever so tender.
Serene calm, loves sweet surrender.

A knowing smile of satisfied pleasure.
Breathing subsiding, love beyond measure.
Promised fulfillment, again in the future,
When desire is tempting, alluring so sweetly.
And loves tender kiss enraptures completely

By MeriLove


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