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A Love... Formed to Distance


Caressing the parts of your body
like only a healer could do,
Rosebuds snug in my palm
just for you and your loveliness,
In the deepest parts of my eyes
they read I'll remember it all,
More beauty will be upon your soul
as I set you free to heaven,
Simply if I could my plan
was to hold you in my arms forever,
On your way I plan to place
a bracelet of what you mean to us,
Neath the sun, stars, moon,
and sky I'll watch as on wings you fly,

Every breath you have took I have
been there to feel each sweet release
Remember me as a small token
of what God has given to you in life
I now forgive him for wanting
to take such a precious soul away
Kingdom come soon has
to taketh your soul... to rest in peace
A new dawn will arise only from you
in this awaiting journey for paridise.

Silence has yet to come,
now you shall live in tranquility
I have been on my knees night and day
begging him to let us keep
Little by little you now fade
unto the darkness but finding real light
Eternal life is what you will walk into,
meaning tears for me to weep
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Nothing but beautiful flowers
shall be placed next the burial ground
Closly aside the casket I'll stand
and look down before forever you sleep,
Every time I think now,
it will only be for you a love... In distance.
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I promise with every bit of heart to remember you......
Just remember me as the angel that took you there


To someone here...
But this love is something other then ever to
behold in my heart. But in our memory too.

By Lanny Joe Harris Jr.


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