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True Love Poems
I Can Explain


I can explain and yet, I can’t.
I’m only human, after all.
How can you expect me to
explain things beyond my grasp?

Like the way your light blue eyes
stare sweetly into the depths of my soul.

Or how I feel warm and
comfortable whenever you’re near.
And how I can’t stop sitting next to you,
talking with you, keeping you near me.

I guess I can try to speak my mind.
I love you. Plain and simple.

I love how you care about how I feel,
and that you actually listen to me and understand.
I love how you’re always honest and kind,
I love how you’re modest, despite your near-perfection.

I love how, when girls lust over you,
you can see right through their shallow desire
and know they don’t truly love you.
I love that you want someone to love you for you,
not for your popularity, good looks, or athletics.

I can never truly explain
how I feel about you.
I can’t possibly put in words
the burning sensation I feel
when I see you nearby.

No matter how I say it,
you may never understand
the ache I feel when you’re gone.

Every weekend, every evening,
I miss you dearly.
I guess that’s why they call it
heartache, or being lovesick.

I haven’t the courage to tell you
How much I want and need you.
I love you, and every day spents
without you knowing that is pure agony.

I long for the day you gently, sweetly,
caress my lips with your own.

When you finally say
that you’ll never leave me.
That you’ll be mine forever,
and you wrap your arms around me.
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Is that day to come?
Do you feel the same way?
Can you possibly imagine
what’s going on in the depths of my emotions?
Is it safe to confess my love,
or will I be met with rejection?

Unfortunately, only time can tell us that.
Until then, know that
I’ll always love and protect you,
even at a distance,
and no matter the cost,
I will wait for you.

Until that time when our hearts join as one,
farewell, my love.

By Sara Lyons


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