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Wedding Anniversary Poems
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11 yrs this very day
I vowed to become your wife
To take the joys and heartaches
And share with you my life

When I think back over
Of what we've both been through
I have no doubts about us
I know our love is true

There's been times for both of us
When things have not been well
But instead of throwing in the towel
We've battled through our hell!

We face each problem as it comes
And battle till it's through
Enjoy the calm that follows
Then wait for something new

You've always been supportive
My strength when I've been low
You've done much more than other men
And for that I love you so

I know that with you by my side
I can take what life deals out
I love you more than you could know
Of that there is no doubt

So Happy Anniversary Babe!
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I'll love you for Forever
And look forward to the future
And 'Growing Old Together'

By Karen

To my Husband Simon, on our Anniversary. Life has dealt us some crazy stuff, but we have survived.
I love you more than ever darling. There have been times when I've been a bitch and not deserved you. Thank you for all that you have done as a husband and a father.


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