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Wedding Poems
Your Wedding Day


You will soon be exchanging

Your wedding vows.

What a most wonderful feeling

This must be for you.

Time taken to forever promise

All your love.


Each vow spoken begins with love.

A love that has blossomed and grown.

A love surely made in heaven.


These promises you will make are forever.

The vows spoken belong to everyone now.

Where before, they were only for the other.


Your wedding shows the world all you hold dear.

A very special day made just for two.

A day to announce your life choice.

A day for love shared.


Please allow your heart to speak on this day.

Speak of the strong bond you are making.

Speak of the fragile love you are sharing.


Prayers are given for your day to be a lovely day.
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A day you can be very proud of.

The day you exchange your most prized possessions.

The day you give and receive your wedding vows.


By Frank B. Holcomb


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