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Year Anniversary Poems
50th Wedding Anniversary


To My Mother & Father On Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Though It seems time stood still,
50 years have come and gone;
a lifetime together,
Though their love remains strong.

Memories built upon
a true devotion to each other,
always & forever,
this is my dad and mother.

50 years is a lifetime
some might would say,
but together they carried each other
every step of the way.

Many of us still searching
for the love of our life,
someone to be by our side
united as husband and wife.

This 50th anniversay is a time
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To celebrate their love and thier past;
Maybe we can learn from them,
how to make true love last.
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Joined Heart to heart,
raising thier family and dreams,
they are examples of how faith and hope
can over come even the most difficult things.

My parents have shown me
how to love, understand, and forgive;
They created a home in our hearts
where all these precious memories live.

On this special day
a celebration of love that has lasted almost an eternity;
Thank you for showing us what true love is
And may God bless you on your 50th wedding anniversary.

I Love You Always & Forever,
Your Daughter, Tammi

By T. Burdick


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